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Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds
February 15, 2013
The Iridium
New York, NY
Kim Simmonds & Pat DeSalvoKim Simmonds & Pat DeSalvoKim SimmondsKim Simmonds & Roger EarlSavoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds, 2013-02-15Kim Simmonds, Roger Earl & Pat DeSalvoKim SimmondsSavoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds, 2013-02-15Savoy Brown featuring Kim Simmonds, 2013-02-15Kim SimmondsRoger EarlPat DeSalvoGarnet GrimmGarnet GrimmKim SimmondsKim SimmondsKim SimmondsPat DeSalvoGarnet Grimm, Kim Simmonds and Pat DeSalvo